ubagaan_detail 03.jpg


UBAGAAN is part toboggan and part bench – living happily on the hills and in the home.

A modern upgrade to the toboggan invented by the First Nations in Eastern Canada, the Ubagaan is made from traditional steam-bent ash and is designed to live by the door. Ubagaan lends itself as a seat as you prepare to head out, and with the top flipped, can be used as a toboggan for fun or carrying goods over snow.

The toboggan sits on a bent wood base that has three grooves where the toboggan cross members register into. This ensures that the toboggan is always centred on the base.

The stripes on the Ubagaan are inspired by the Cree medicine wheel. White representing North, yellow representing east, red representing south, and blue representing west.


Dimensions: 1450mm x 460mm x 400mm // 57" x 18" x 15-3/4"
Content: Ash, marine rope, brass hardware, water based finishes.
Project Year: 2014