The Strata Stools were displayed at the Brickworks from fall 2014 to winter 2015 for the Evergreen Brickworks Design by Nature competition.


The Strata seating is inspired by the stratum and the stratigraphy drawings found in and around the quarry at the Brick Works. With a form inspired by drilled core samples, multiple discarded materials are repurposed to create the different layers of the seat.

Used concrete aggregate is mixed with a small percentage of fresh cement to create a stable base. The top surface is created from ground used corks from the Niagara wine region which creates a soft, warm seating platform. The middle two layers are made of made from sawdust and ground tires. The sawdust is from our wood shop that would otherwise have been discarded.


Material: Repurposed concrete, cork, rubber, wood, silicone
Dimensions: 40cm (16") in diameter and 45cm (17") tall.
Weight: 35kg
Project Year: 2014