Cairo Star Cut Concrete Clock

"The Cairo Star has been assumed to be an old cut...Either way, this cut has been ignored by the amateur, and this is felt to be a loss.  It is a good cut..." 

- Glenn & Martha Vargas, Diagrams for Faceting, 1975, p24

The geometry of these faceted clocks is inspired by traditional diamond cutting from a book that we found during one of our travels in the desert. 24 facets form the clock face and the 12 vertices indicate time. For a hit of colour, the clock features a translucent-neon back plate that also captures ambient light to give the effect of illumination. The clock can also be easily adjusted for daylight savings time due to its mounting geometry.

Each concrete clock is cast in our studio using our own specially-formulated concrete mix and then polished by hand. Due to the nature of the concrete and finishing methods, each clock is unique, just like the diamonds they are inspired by.

Looks can be deceiving, with a wall thickness of just 10mm, the clock is designed to be ultra-light.

The Cairo Star Cut Clock is powered by a Seiko quartz clock mechanism, specifically chosen for their exceptional quality. 


Dimensions: 290mm x 290mm x 38mm // 11.5″ x 11.5″ x 1.5″ 
Weight: 1.8 kg
Project Year: 2014