Maple Leaf Forever Headphones

The Maple Leaf Forever Headphones  commemorates the musical history behind the legendary tree that stood for over a hundred and fifty years.  The portable and ubiquitous nature of the headphones allow for the once historical landmark to become mobile and be brought to a greater audience.

We were asked by LEAF to take part in a project to re-purpose wood from the Maple Leaf Forever tree that came down in a storm in late July, 2013. We were given a few branches and asked to make something that commemorates the tree that served as inspiration for our once unofficial national anthem. 

For the headphones we wanted the piece to come from a single piece of wood, so we picked the thickest branch. The diameter was just large enough for the speaker housings, and the rest of the branch had one straight dimension that yielded enough veneer for the head band.

The exhibition, part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival includes pieces by the Brothers DresslerPaus + Grun, and Dystil. The exhibition ran from January 18th to 26, 2014 at Agora Cafe at 3015 Dundas Street West.


Material: maple wood, 100% wool felt, cotton thread, electronics.
Project Year: 2014