My Favourite Thing Video Booth

What is your favourite thing? Step into our video booth – designed by the young and talented National Design Collective – and tell us about your most adored accessory, gadget or furnishing. Whether it’s a vintage lamp, an appliance that makes carbonated drinks or a mobile phone, share your story and join the conversation on local and international design in Toronto.

- the DX

the My Favourite Thing video booth debuted at the 2014 Interior Design Show.  Built in under three weeks, this project was supported by the Design Exchange (DX), Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario (ACIDO), and the City of Toronto.

The booth was designed after one of our favourite things: a canoe.  We wanted to create a structure that was inviting and attractive to engage participants.  The main support frame is constructed out of bent maple and CNC-cut baltic birch plywood.  Designed for quick assembly and dissassembly, the structure can be assembled by two people in about 30 minutes using just a hex-key and screwdriver.    

To help control ambient noise during filming, the frame was wrapped in thick industrial felt.  The felt also helped create a intimate space within the booth, which helped encourage people to be comfortable and open up to the camera.  The upper section was wrapped in vellum to help break up the visual weight of the booth, and to pay an hommage to sketching - an invaluable tool for industrial designers.  For signage we used a combination of laser-cut felt and silk-screened graphics on veneer.

The My Favourite Thing booth is set to make more appearances around Toronto this coming spring/summer.

Identity by Coolaide Design Office, videography by Reynard Li.  Special thanks to Klaus for lending us a pair of the very appropriately named Last Minute Stools by Viccarbe.

Details: Maple wood, 100% wool felt, vellum