The City Hive has some new inhabitants! The hive is spending the summer in Durham Ontario being tested by a local bee keeper in a beautiful rural setting. We set the hive up last week, and it has already raised interest from some non-bee wildlife:

Due to the nice spring weather the bees have been very active and one of beekeeper's existing hives was ready to split. This means that half of the bees are taken to a new hive. If this isn't done a swarm from the population may leave the existing hive looking for a larger place to live.

The City Hive is designed with three chambers in total. We initially set it up with just the lower level because the bees don't need much room at first (this is why it looks short). Once the bees are settled in we will add another brood (living) chamber on top. When they have grown into this as well, we will add the honey (storage) chamber on top. This is used to store extra honey for the hive, and is where honey is harvested from.

The City Hive was set up away from the other hives so that it would be easier to maintain and modify if necessary. There are 9 traditional hives back there, so there will be lots of honey this summer.

We are going back out next week to add the next part on the hive, and see exactly how the bees are moving in.

Special thanks to David the beekeeper, and our friends at Watson Soule for the hookup!


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