We are really excited about what our friends over at Matter and Form are up to. We have had one of their full colour 3D scanners since they were released last year after a crazy successful Indiegogo campaign, and now they are working on releasing something new and exciting.

I originally met the team at Matter and Form after they sold way more scanners than they thought they would, and needed to redesign for higher volume production. They approached my previous workplace and we worked with their technology and design language to produce one hell of a scanner:

Fun fact, their COO is also the drummer of the Rural Alberta Advantage.

They're now working on an online 3D visualization tool that will come out later this month. It's called Cashew, and it will be free to use. Cashew will allow you to quickly post your project online to easily be able to share files, collaborate on projects, or help sell your products. The models are fully interactive, you can zoom and rotate, and add notes on important details.

You can tell that Matter and Form have really good taste as they chose our Mt. Mini Planter to showcase their product:

They also shot that video in our friend Jess's apartment, who is one of the original NDC founders. (She has a cameo as the person buying a planter at the end of the video)

We are currently playing with their pre-alpha release, and will have some more information and some models to show off when they launch to the public closer to the end of the month, so stay tuned!