We are back at IIDEX this year with an entry for the IIDEX Woodshop. This year we entered our wood fenders, which are made from ash veneer. The goal of the Woodshop is to highlight the use of ash wood that has been taken down within the city of Toronto due to the Emerald Ash Borer infestation.

We wanted to use the wood to promote an active and adventurous lifestyle while adding a little style to the city. The result is our fenders:

We would also like to thank our friends at Curbside Cycles and Simcoe Bikes who helped us out with the amazing bicycle. It's an amazing opportunity to be able to use a Toronto-based bicycle to highlight the local-ness of the fenders.

We also participated in the Woodshop in it's first year, in 2013 where we produced the Ubagaan:

Astute readers may notice that we carried over the colour scheme. We really like how these colours work with the light ash wood and help to break up the large surfaces.

IIDEX is open until December 3rd, and the opening party is tonight, at 5-7p.m.