We're sad that Toronto Design Week is over already, and even more sad that our time at Designboom Mart TO had to come to an end. 

If you're unfamiliar with the Designboom Mart concept, they are an opportunity to meet the emerging and established designers from around the world within an interactive platform who are testing new ideas. The designboom mart is widely recognized as the ORIGINAL, the first ever design bazaar. Design talents from around the world display hundreds of objects, from household items, jewellery and accessories to small furniture items and lighting objects. Visitors have the chance to purchase unique items for an affordable price, directly from the designers themselves. It is a travelling concept, with IDS Toronto being the only Canadian location. 

We had the opportunity to meet new friends, local and from abroad. We felt we were like a little Designboom Mart family, tucked away in the corner at the convention centre, helping each other out with simple but major things like, making change, borrowing pens and phone chargers, watching each other's booths, sharing gum and snacks, and helping out with each other's sales pitches - it really was a genuinely great atmosphere to be in! We received a lot of great compliments and invitations to travel abroad with our work, so maybe we'll be bringing the NDC to a few international markets in the near future. 

Check out the gallery below for a few images of our new and old friends from the Mart. 

Thanks to all the people that stopped by our table, and for all the positive feedback and comments.  A special thanks to Designboom for organizing such a great event, Arc&Co Design for making such an attractive booth, Designlines for "loving" our wares, and IDS for featuring the Mart!

- Heather.