Happy new year! Which means it's time for the annual Toronto design week. There is lots going on, starting with the Interior Design Show. We will be at IDS this year participating in the DesignBoom Mart, where we will be selling some of our goods, including a couple new products. We will have special show pricing, so drop by for a deal!

TODO is also this week, with a plethora of amazing design events, installations, talks, and parties. Get the schedule and all of the event info here.

One of our favourite events, DoDesign is taking over storefronts on Dundas West with window installations. We have two installations up that are a must-see!

The first is at the bar Montauk (765 Dundas West). This installation is a precisely timed and choreographed pattern produced by an array of 15 of our Cairo Star Cut Concrete clocks. Unique patterns are created at 15-minute intervals that transition simultaneously in a mesmerizing dance of the clock hands.

The second installation is at Ervaneria Victoria (920 Dundas West) and features prototype pendant lights that we are developing. One light, three different ways to focus: the Foci Light is a new pendant lamp that allows three different light diffusions from just one source. A piercing solid brass rod acts as the control and allows you to adjust the lighting quality. The words “FOCI” and “ON WHAT MATTERS” are lit up by the two hanging lights, inspiring people to maintain vision in their aspirations.

Enjoy the shows!