Back in the day when the NDC was just forming, some of you may remember that we started out primarily as a blog.  We showcased our processes, experiments, our succcesses, and our failures as well.  We weren't much of a company in the traditional sense, but more of an experiment and way to burn off excess creative energies.  In the last year we took a break from blogging and we underwent some major changes in our personal and business lives.  The most noticeable difference is that have taken the jump and have turned the NDC into our full-time gig. No more side-project, no more day-dreaming about what we wanted to design and create after 5pm and on weekends - we are now happy to announce that as of the beginning of the year, we've been lucky to be able to dedicate our days to our passion. 

Some new stuff that's happening with the NDC that we'll elaborate more on in the next few weeks: We now have a great spacious, light-filled studio just north of the Junction (bye bye to working in our old orange-carpeted basement!), we'll get you up to speed with our new and current projects, and how we're expanding the Collective (yep!!).

So here we are, we're almost a year in to a full-time NDC and it is a special time for us. We're extremely excited to be able to focus on creating great designs and once more, true to our past, we'll be sharing our journey, failures and successes with great people like you.  

Thanks everyone for their continued support and check back often as we will be updating our blog weekly. 

- Heather & Scott