Check out the MeU, a wearable portable LED display. The project is currently on its way to being funded on Indiegogo, but still has a way to go so we are working to get the word out as best we can.

The MeU started as an OCAD thesis project by Robert Tu, who was exploring different ways to be connected to your environment and share information. In his words: "We seek to improve communication with our surroundings, including important alerts and updates that you may not get if you don’t have a smartphone".

The LEDs are mounted underneath your jacket or shirt, making the product invisible unless it is displaying text or an image. This is really neat as the LEDs actually shine through the fabric and make it look like the display is built into whatever clothing you are currently wearing.

There have been a few key markets already identified for the MeU such as cycling, marketing, and fashion. I think the most exciting aspect of the project are the applications that we haven't thought of yet. This is where the adaptability of the product is going to be a key factor.

The electronics and coding for the MeU are all open source, so once you get the hardware you can use it any way you like to display any information or visuals.

We helped Robert out with the industrial design of the system, including the fabric pouch, and the interior electronics enclosure. We also explored every possible way to mount the MeU to you or anything so that it can be used in the most ways possible.

So check it out and spread the word!