Meet the Trendsisters, a new online store curated by Jenny and Linda, sisters behind the beautiful interior design blog, Trendspanarna. 

We worked with Trendsisters a few months ago to develop the Nordic version of our classic "I Kinda Like it Here" line.  Featuring favourites: Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki, these cities were translated into both coaster and trivet forms. 


We're ecstatic that Jenny and Linda are our exclusive distributors in Sweden, and we encourage you to help spread the word to your friends and families over the pond about their great blog and store!

Here are some of our favourite items from Trendsisters: 

For our North American friends, we carry the Nordic IKLH series at theNDC store.  If you have a favourite city that you would like to see transformed into our "I Kinda Like it Here" series, feel free to send us a line!  

- Heather.